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Manifest Your Extraordinary Life

It doesn’t matter how creative, chaotic, quirky or sensitive you are … you can have a wildly exciting life.

Life Coaching

Are you ready to ignite your transformation?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same old routine, yearning for a life that's filled with passion, purpose, and fulfillment?


Do you find yourself dreaming of a future where you wake up excited, knowing you're living your best life?

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i'm Mindy…

The truth is it’s been a lifelong journey with a lot of ups and downs financially, physically, and emotionally.


I’ve overcome poverty, abusive relationships, massive personal and financial success, and massive personal and financial losses.

Trust me, i know your pain!

Now my mission is to help men & women like you build a life that wakes your soul up and makes you feel proud of who you are. I'm passionate about helping women just like you tap into their inner power, shift their mindset, and manifest a life they truly love. Whether you're seeking clarity, personal growth, or a deeper connection with your spirituality. I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to challenge the status quo?

Deep down, you know there's more to you than meets the eye. What if you could tap into your unique strengths, talents, and passions, and use them as the driving force to create a life that aligns with your true essence?

By reconnecting with your authentic self, you'll discover a wellspring of inspiration and the power to manifest the life you were meant to live.

Your Dream Life Starts Here

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Work With Me

Are you ready to rewrite your story, unleash your potential, and create your extraordinary life?

12 Week Boot Camp

Transform Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams with this comprehensive coaching program.

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Women's Circle of Wisdom

Embrace Your Inner Goddess and Experience Life Transformation in this sacred circle of sisterhood

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The DreamBuilder

Join our exclusive membership community and receive ongoing support, and inspiration to manifest your dream life.

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Do you feel like your life has hit a roadblock and you don’t know which way to turn?

The Quality of Your Life Starts With


It's time to break free from the barriers that are holding you back and embark on a transformative journey towards your dream life.

Sign up for a complimentary virtual Call and let's explore the possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we'll uncover the blocks, unlock your inner power, and create a roadmap to your dream life.

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Believe in the beauty of your dreams and watch as the universe conspires to bring them to life.


Vision Call

I'm beyond excited to offer you a complimentary 60-minute Vision Call, where we'll dive deep into your dreams, aspirations, and the possibilities that lie ahead. This call is all about YOU and creating a roadmap to help you manifest your extraordinary life.

This is for You if...

  • You have big dreams and aspirations, but you're feeling stuck and unsure about how to bring them to life.

  • You crave a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, and you're ready to align your life with your true desires.

  • You're tired of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and playing small, and you're eager to step into your power and embrace your limitless potential.

  • You're ready to take inspired action and invest in yourself to create lasting transformation.

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Do you feel like your life has hit a roadblock and you don’t know which way to turn?

Success Stories

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Grab Your Freebie

Dream Life Manifestation Guide

This guide is packed with practical tips, powerful techniques, and insightful exercises to help you align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your deepest desires.

The Guide is Sent to Your Email!

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